1. Do I still need to wear a face covering?

In England, face coverings will not be a legal requirement from 27 January 2022, but we recommend wearing one in crowded and indoor spaces such as pick-up locations.

In Wales, face coverings will still be a legal requirement in all indoor public places.

Some pick-up locations may ask you to wear a face covering, so please follow any instructions given by staff.

2. How are deliveries affected?

Our contact-free delivery process is in place to keep yourself and others safe.

  • 📦 At pick-up, staff should place the package in your bag. If this isn't possible, keep a safe 2-metre distance from staff while collecting the package.

  • 🏡 At drop-off, leave the package at the customers' door. Step back 2 metres and wait for them to collect it

  • 📝 Remember, do not ask for a signature! If one is needed, sign it yourself with an X.

3. How can I access financial support during COVID-19?

There are a number of government financial support schemes you may be eligible for during COVID-19. We have given an overview of these on the page linked below.

Our protective equipment refund scheme ends on 1 August. You can claim up to £30 per calendar month for equipment including face coverings, hand sanitiser and disinfectant. Refunds for purchases made in July must be requested before 1 August.

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