Superdrug is a new client - the process is different to usual so please read the below carefully.

1️⃣ Check delivery notes for Order Number

  • End-customers schedule deliveries themselves (this is how)

  • That means the customer enters pick-up address (Superdrug store), drop-off address and the Order Number

  • If the Order Number is missing, call the customer by tapping 📞

2️⃣ Tell Superdrug staff member the Order Number

  • Tell a staff member at the front door that you are a Stuart courier and that you are here to collect an order

  • Show them the Order Number

  • You should not have to queue - if this happens please tell Support

  • When arriving at pick up tell a staff member your Order Number 

3️⃣ Head to drop-off and make someone's day!

📦 Contact-free deliveries 📦

As with all deliveries at the moment, Superdrug deliveries will be contact-free. Read about what this means here.

Depending on the store, this may mean pick-up will be from the entrance to the store and not inside. 

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