Krispy Kreme has established guidelines for their staff and for you so that they can keep delivering safely during the COVID-19 period.

This guide is for completing in-store pick-ups as safely as possible. All pick-ups are now in store, there are no drive-thru pick-ups.

⚠️ Always keep a safe 2-metre distance from staff members at all times.

⚠️ Perform pick-ups with no physical contact.

1️⃣ Locate the designated drop spot. You will find this at the front counter or on a clearly marked ‘Express Till’ located on the shop floor. The package will be on a tray which is sanitised before and after each pick-up.

Remember: always make sure you check the name of the client on your app before asking for the package and introduce yourself as a Stuart courier.

2️⃣ Identify the parcel. The doughnut box will be inside a clear bag. The box will have a label with an order number. Always check that this matches your order reference number.

3️⃣ Collect the order. Pick up the order from the tray.

If you need to discuss the order with store staff for any reason, you will be asked to approach the customer pay point once a space is available.

⛔️ No returns

Please note that Krispy Kreme packages should not be returned. If you cannot locate a customer, try calling them (3 times) and contact support who will give you instructions with what to do with the package.

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