If you are a member of SFS you will receive a separate weekly payment statement for both on-demand and SFS by email after 3pm on a Tuesday.

If you have an issue with your payment please respond directly to your payment statement.

Here we show an example of an SFS payment statement.

The payment week runs from Monday - Sunday and you will receive your payment statement and bank transfer the following Tuesday.

Hourly Payment for Eligible Time slots:

Number of slots registered are the number of SFS slots you have booked.
The number of slots eligible for minimum guarantee top-up are the number of validated SFS slots that have been paid.

If any of your slots have been invalidated they will be listed here with the reasoning for invalidation.
Eligibility rules can be found here.

Delivery Rewards:

For each finished job you will receive an additional £1 per drop.
More information regarding payment structure can be found here.


Any payment adjustments are found under the miscellaneous section.
If you have had any deduction or refund for equipment this will be displayed under Equipment Deposit. More information on deposits can be found here.

Any special rewards that have been awarded will be displayed under Community Rewards.

Any payment adjustments made by support will be located under "Adjustments/Partner Referrals".

Earnings per slot breakdown :

The individual breakdown for each slot is displayed here. You will find the slot date and time as well as how much you earned on each slot.

If your slot was invalidated, the reason for invalidation will be listed. 

If your slot does not show as validated it means you didn't fulfil one of these criteria.

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