If you have a delivery requiring POD (proof of delivery), you must follow this procedure at the drop-off location:

  1. Start a chat with Support

  2. Select the chatbot option "I want to submit a Proof of Delivery"

  3. Submit photo of package with door number visible and slightly open (no customer face)

  4. Close chat

  5. If a signature is required, sign it yourself with an “X”. Customer signatures are currently not required to make sure deliveries are as contact-free as possible.

Please make sure you refer to your drop-off notes in-app for any special instructions.

The above processes must be followed to mark a package as delivered. It will be used as your POD to confirm you have delivered to the correct address or if a package cannot be located. 

Failure to follow the POD procedure can result in your Stuart account being flagged due to a violation of quality as you are putting yourself and the customer in potential danger. This will impact your CPS and lead to a termination of partnership if it happens multiple times.

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