Apple is a new client - some processes are different to standard deliveries so please read the below carefully!

Auto-Accept Off:

Please make sure that your auto-accept feature is turned off to successfully receive Apple jobs.

Cancellation rules if package is not ready in-store:

Self-cancellation must not be used during Apple deliveries. We kindly ask couriers to wait a minimum of 15 minutes before pressing the self-cancel button or contacting Support to manually cancel.

A cancellation fee will be provided for waiting the extra time.

Checking package details:

Please ensure to double check the amount and type of packages handed over to you in-store match the number in-app to avoid any delivery errors.

Address issue at drop-off:

If a customer asks you to deliver to an address which does not match the one provided in the order details, please do not deliver the package and contact support, as it will need to be returned.

How to submit a Proof of Delivery:

Stuart requires you to submit a proof of delivery for every Apple delivery. The instructions are explained in the message you receive once you accept an Apple job. To recap:

Start a chat in-app to support by typing in “POD” (can be found in-app) along with a photo of the package with door number visible and slightly open (no customer face).

You can then close the chat and mark the delivery as complete.

Please note, you should not deliver to mailboxes or neighbours. If you are unable to deliver to the address stated in the order details, please contact Support.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Requirements:

All couriers conducting Apple deliveries are required to wear PPE, specifically face masks. Please note that Stuart does offer a refund for PPE purchased for up to £30 for a 30 day period. For more information please read here.

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