We're excited to announce our new partnership with Busby.

Busby is the world's first safety platform for cyclists and motorcyclists.

The app is free to use.

But they've offered Stuart riders 50% off their premium service or - for a limited time only (until 30th July) - a flat rate of £19.99 to unlock 'Safety For Life', which gives you Busby's premium service forever.

How does it work?

If you are involved in an incident, Busby will start a countdown timer of 30-60 seconds. If there is no response or movement during that time, your exact What3Words location is sent to your chosen emergency contact. So help can arrive as quickly as possible. All users are completely anonymous.*

Busby has also partnered with St John's Ambulance to provide Busby users with 10 safety steps to ensure they are in the safest possible place whilst help is on the way.

What is What3Words?

What3Words can pinpoint an exact 3m x 3m location anywhere in the world.

What does Premium include?

Busby Premium offers 5 emergency contacts (free version is only 1), no

advertisements, brand discounts within the Busby Hub page and will

include Busby Flare and RoadRadar from 31st July.

What is Busby Flare & RoadRadar?

If a rider has a flat tyre, they will be able to send out a ‘Busby Flare’. All surrounding

Busby partners/mechanics will receive a notification where they can talk

directly to the rider through the app and discuss what support they need. They

will give a discounted rate and be able to go out to the Busby user and fix the

problem so they can carry on delivering.

RoadRadar is essentially the safety bridge between vehicles and vulnerable

road users, allowing vehicles to know that a Busby user is nearby, sending

them an audible notification, so they can double check their surroundings and

prevent any potential human error.

So...how do I redeem?!

Download the app.

Then go to Settings > Account Management > Premium Subscription.

Then you can chose Premium Lifetime (for just £19.99*) or Premium Monthly for 99p a month with the code Stuart50.

Get riding and stay safe out there!

If you have any questions send Busby an email to contact@k-safe.com.

*Anonymity is standard across the Busby platform. Busby doesn't ask for any data other than username and email address during the sign up process and sees users as ‘BusbyUser’ on the backend system.

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