🚨What is an SFS Strike?

SFS Strike = invalidation of any SFS slot validation criteria

When you invalidate any SFS slot validation criteria, you will receive a strike / strikes on your CPS. You will see this reflected in your SFS weekly payment statement and you will be able to see your strike count in your weekly CPS.

✅ SFS Slot Validation Rules:

No-show: show up to the slot you registered for! No-showing to a slot will result in 2 SFS Strikes.

Acceptance: don't miss more than 1 delivery invitation and do not use self-cancellation! Missing 2 or more delivery invites or self-cancelling SFS deliveries will result in 1 SFS Strike.

Connection: stay connected for at least 90% of your slot! You can be offline for 10% of your slot (6 minutes per hour). Excessive offline time during the slot will result in 1 SFS Strike.

💡Will my slot still be paid if I receive a Strike?

Yes, you will still receive payment for your SFS slot, excluding no-show. However, the consequence of multiple SFS Strikes is a risk to termination of your partnership with Stuart as an SFS Stuwie.

8 SFS Strikes results in off-boarding from the SFS Fleet.

SFS Strikes reset after 3 weeks. For example, if you have 2 SFS Strikes in one week but do not trigger any more strikes over the next 2 weeks, your SFS Strike count will reset to zero.

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