⏳ Acceptance timer

  • The decreasing blue line shows how much time you have left to accept the invitation.
  • You have 40 seconds to accept an invitation before it expires.
  • Turn on your auto-accept feature to avoid missing invitations!

This is the location of your acceptance timer:

🗺 Map

  • You will see a map on your invitation screen showing you where the pick-up and drop-off(s) are.
  • You can also interact with this map - zoom in or out, and move around!
  • If you see more than one drop-off, that means the delivery is a multi-drop.
  • The address listed is the address of the pick-up location.

1: Pick-up

2: First drop-off

3: Second drop-off

⛔️ Decline button

The reject invitation button has changed from an 'X' to 'Decline.'

⚠️ Please remember when you are on-slot, rejecting an invitation affects your Minimum Guarantee.

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