In the last 3 months alone, Stuwies have helped us achieve some amazing things.

Such as...

🌟 Providing an amazing service to over 90 new clients

🌟 Powering a 231% increase in grocery deliveries

🌟 Delivering tens of thousands of Superdrug packages to homes across the UK

As restaurants, pubs and other businesses continue to open across the UK, we would like to make sure that Stuwies feel well equipped to deal with the evolving situation.

  • Face masks
  • Keeping “contact-free”
  • Social distancing and Challenge 25

Face masks

Some clients may be operating a mandatory face mask/covering policy in their stores. This means they may not allow you to enter without having a mask or covering on. This is in line with Government advice on using face masks/coverings on public transport and in certain enclosed spaces (such as supermarkets).

We are continuing to offer a protective equipment refund scheme where you can fill in a quick form to claim back any money spent on protective equipment of any kind, including face masks. You can claim up to £30 per 30 day period.

Keeping “contact-free”

  • At pick-up: we are working with clients to make sure that they are practising contact-free delivery at pick-up. Please contact customer support if this is not the case, or if you have any other issues. Remember you have a right by law to request access to Client Restrooms. When contacting support please specify the location of the store, so we can take action.
  • At drop-off: this also applies at drop-off and is a measure we have created with your health and the health of customers in mind, and to limit the spread of COVID-19.

💙 The Golden Rules of Contact-Free Delivery 💙

1️⃣ Never touch the package itself - staff should place it in your thermal bag, the customer should take it out

2️⃣. Leave the package 2m away from the customer's door then wait for them to get it

3️⃣ Don't ask for a signature - sign yourself with an X is needed

This information is all stored here.

Social distancing and Challenge 25

Please remember to check IDs if you need to, at a distance!

If a customer orders age-restricted items (such as alcohol, tobacco, vapes etc - full list here), ask them to hold their ID out at arm’s length so you can check they are over 18.

Remember that you can't deliver age-restricted items to a customer who is:
❌ under 18
❌ drunk or under the influence of drugs

More information on Challenge 25 here.

Stay safe,

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