To view or prove your right to work status:

  • If you are an EU/EEA citizen and have applied for Settled/Pre settled status click here.

  • If you have a biometric residence card or visa click here.

  • If you are awaiting for renewal of your document, follow the instructions here

You will need:

  • Details of the identity document you used when you applied (your passport, national identity card, or biometric residence card or permit)

  • Your date of birth

  • Access to the mobile number or email address you used when you applied (you will be sent a code for logging in)

Once complete provide us with the share code by submitting a request through our Service desk here.

To generate a Share Code:

Step 1: Select the identity document you used in your application

Step 2: Enter document number

Step 3: Enter your Date of Birth

Step 4: Security - select a method to receive a code. Enter the code once received

Step 5: Click prove your status

Step 6: Provide reason for sharing status (to work in the UK)

Step 7: Create a share code

Step 8: Share your share code with us by opening a request through the Service desk here.

Remember to share the code and provide your Date of Birth so that we can access it

Step 9: Complete!

We will receive confirmation of your right to work and update your details

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