We've implemented a few changes in the app when delivering packages that contain age-restricted items. These changes will help you follow the Challenge 25 policy.

📱 New invitation screen

This feature only applies to cities where we are trialling a new invitation screen.

You will now see if your delivery contains an age-restricted item on the invitation screen. Under the delivery address, you will see your invitation labelled with 18+ delivery. The pickup and drop off locations will be visible to you before you accept the order.

📱 New steps during delivery

For a C25 delivery you will now need to complete the following steps in-app:

  1. 🍷 Sobriety test: Confirm the customer is sober. You cannot deliver alcohol to the customer if you believe they’re already drunk or under the influence of drugs. You will have to select Yes or No in the drop off task
  2. 👴🏻 Age verification: Check that the customer has a valid form of ID. Enter the date of birth shown on their ID as a drop off task.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you don’t deliver age-restricted products to someone under 18.

Drop-off screen:

New Drop-off tasks:

If the customer fails one of these checks (e.g. they are not sober, are too young, or cannot provide a valid ID) then contact Support to schedule a return.

Check the full delivery process here:

We may carry out checks from time to time to ensure that you are following these steps correctly.

📦 What is the return process?

If a customer fails Challenge 25 verification, contact Support to schedule a return.

Please note all returns are currently full returns for all clients. This means returning the entire package if you cannot complete the delivery, rather than only returning the age-restricted item(s).

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