There are two ways you can earn while working with us.

  1. You can earn anytime by logging in and completing a delivery. The payment is dependant on the distance you travelled from pick up to drop off location. The bigger the distance, the more you get paid for the delivery.

  2. You can book a slot on Staffomatic or When I Work (WIW) and earn Minimum Guarantee (MG). MG is like a safety net and to qualify you will need to reach certain criteria. If you earn more than MG price in your slot, you get to keep it all and we do not need to top it up.

If there were no orders coming your way while on the slot, we will give you the full amount (provided you met MG criteria).

If you did not meet MG criteria, your payment will be based on what purely you earned in the slot by doing drops, there will be no top-up from us.

To learn more about payment structure & rewards please visit the following articles:

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