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What adjustments can I request?

There are two types of adjustments you can request:

Distance correction

If your delivery takes you further than the initially stated distance, you are eligible to request an extra fee.


If you have to return a package for the following reasons, you are eligible to request an extra fee:

  • Returning a package after the delivery has been marked as complete (by yourself or Support)

  • Returning a package at the end of a multi-drop delivery

Always make sure the end customer accepts the package before marking it as delivered. Otherwise, Support can't issue a return delivery.

How do I request an adjustment?

You must submit a request to Support within 24 hours of delivery completion. Please email with a clear explanation and the delivery number.

Include evidence with a screenshot:

  • Screenshots must show the delivery route given in the Stuart app, with both the pick-up point and drop-off point visible.

  • Screenshots should be taken from the pick-up location.

The distance needs to be more than 1.5 miles in London and more than 0.5 miles for the rest of UK.

How are adjustments paid?

The payment structure for London and the rest of the UK can be seen below. You will receive an additional adjustment equal to the difference in payment brackets, depending on what city you are working in, the Transport Type used and the distance travelled.


All cities except London

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