You will receive a weekly payment statement by email after 3pm on a Tuesday. This email will contain a link where you can view the statement itself.

Details on how to access this can be found here:

If you have an issue with something that directly relates to your payment statement, or if you have not received it, please email, or respond directly to your payment statement email.

For more general inquiries, please reach out to Support via the Help Centre on your app.

Weekly Summary

On the first page of your payment statement, you will see details such as your name, email address, driver ID and the time period the statement represents.

Your total earnings will be displayed on this page along with how many deliveries you have completed, the number of slots booked, the number of slots validated and subsequently, how many hours these slots represent.

It will also contain a summary of your payment week, which includes a daily breakdown of the following:

  • Number of completed deliveries

  • Total base earnings for these completed deliveries

  • Number of cancelled deliveries

  • Total earnings for these cancelled deliveries

  • Minimum guarantee top-up

  • Multiplier earnings

  • Delivery adjustments

  • Rewards earned

You will also see two additional boxes that contain information about any miscellaneous payments such as:

  • Other adjustments

  • PPE refunds - see details how to claim back a refund for PPE equipment here

  • Referral rewards

  • Community rewards

  • Weekly top-up - more information on weekly top-up can be found in the attached links for London and the rest of the UK.

  • Equipment deposit payments - this will show how much has been deducted this week, the total deposit amount you have paid off so far and also the outstanding amount that is yet to be paid. For more information on equipment deposits, please view this article.

Slot Summary & Minimum Guarantee (MG)

Minimum Guarantee payment is a top-up that is added to your payment if your base earnings on-slot is less than a minimum guaranteed amount (minimum hourly rate x number of hours worked). If your base earnings are greater than the minimum guaranteed amount, you will not be paid any additional money.

For example, if your minimum hourly rate is £8.00 and your slot was 2 hours long, your minimum guaranteed amount is £16.00 (£8.00 x 2 hours). If you earned £12.00 in base delivery earnings on-slot, you will be awarded an MG top-up of £4.00 (£16.00 - £12.00).

Please follow this article to see the payment structure in your specific area.

To be eligible for Minimum Guarantee (MG), you must meet certain criteria, which you can read about here. If any of your slots have been invalidated they will not be eligible for MG.

This slot summary states how many slots you had booked, how many were eligible for MG and the reasons for any slot invalidations.

Slot Breakdown

The individual breakdown for each slot is displayed here. You can find out the slot details (date, time, zone), how much you earned on each slot and how much MG top-up you received. This will also include any per-slot rewards that are applied.

If your slot was invalidated, the reason for invalidation will be listed at the end of each row.

If your slot does not show as validated it means you didn't fulfil one of these criteria and are not eligible for Minimum Guarantee for that slot. This will leave the 'Top Up' column blank.

Note: If you have received too many no-shows you will not be eligible for delivery rewards. This will be stated in the summary on the first page of your statement.
You can review the no-show policy here.

Delivery Breakdown

You can now see the details of every delivery you have completed. As shown in the picture below, the delivery breakdown will show the following:

  • Date and time the delivery was accepted

  • Delivery ID

  • Delivery Status - finished or cancelled. If the delivery is labelled as cancelled, this means the delivery was cancelled by the client after 2 minutes, not by yourself. You will therefore receive a cancellation fee for this.

  • Whether the delivery was a long pick-up.

  • Delivery adjustments (eg. if a distance correction was applied by support).

  • Per-drop reward associated with a delivery

  • Multiplier rate - information about how this is calculated can be found here.

  • Multiplier amount

  • Total earnings for the delivery

Delivery & Slot Reward Summary

Whilst your rewards are stated in the delivery breakdown, they are also listed in more detail in the delivery reward summary. This will include the date of each reward, the delivery ID the reward was applied to, the amount each reward is worth and the name of the reward.

Finally, you will see a slot reward summary. This includes the details about each slot including the date, start time, finish time, zone the slot was in, reward amount and the reward name.

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