Remember it's your responsibility to ensure age-restricted items are delivered safely, and within the law. This means you must request to see ID when delivering alcohol/age-restricted items.

Because of COVID-19, please take the following safety precautions when delivering age-restricted items.

How to verify the customer's age

✅ Do:

  • Stay 2 metres apart where possible.

  • Ask the customer to hold up the ID so it's visible. From a distance, observe the date of birth and enter it correctly in the app.

  • If a signature is required, sign it yourself with an “X”.

  • Once you have verified their age, place the item at the door and step back.

❌ Do not:

  • Do not open the package to check/confirm any age-restricted items.

  • Do not ask for the customer to sign for the delivery.

  • Do not handle the ID card - observe it from a safe distance.

  • Do not complete the delivery if you were unable to verify the customers' age. If a customer fails Challenge 25 verification, contact Support to schedule a return.

Tips to help speed up delivery

  • Look out for any year before and including 2002 but also note that those born in 2003 will be turning 18 this year.

  • Find the date of birth quickly:

ID type

Where is the date of birth (DOB) on the document

UK Passport

DOB on the UK passport will always be in the middle of the document. That is the case also in the older versions of the passport.

National identity card issued by a European Union member state (other than United Kingdom), Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland

For the majority of EU countries, the DOB in the national ID will be in the middle of the document.

However, some countries might have DOB shown at the bottom of the document as shown above.

United Kingdom photocard driving licence / European Union photocard driving licence

Both UK and EU countries' driving licences show a person's DOB on the 3rd line of the licence.

Serving member of the HM Armed Forces ID card (Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force)

DOB on the HM Armed Forces ID cardiac be found in the middle of left hand side.

Photographic identity card bearing the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) hologram

DOB on the ID of Proof of Age Standards Scheme (PASS) can be found in the middle of the document.

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