Remember it's your responsibility to ensure age-restricted items are delivered safely, and within the law. This means you MUST request to see ID when delivering alcohol/age-restricted items.

Because of COVID-19, please take the following safety precautions when delivering age-restricted items.

How to safely check for ID when delivering alcohol/age-restricted items


1️⃣ Stay 2 metres apart where possible.

2️⃣ Ask the customer to hold up the ID so it's visible - from a distance observe the date of birth and enter it correctly in the app.

3️⃣ If a signature is required, sign it yourself with an “X”.

4️⃣ Once you have verified their age, place the item at the door and step back

❌ Do not:

1️⃣ Do not open the package to check/confirm any age-restricted items.

2️⃣ Do not ask for the customer to sign for the delivery.

3️⃣ Do not handle the ID card - observe it from a safe distance.

4️⃣ Do not complete the delivery if you were unable to verify the customers' age. If a customer fails Challenge 25 verification, contact Support to schedule a return.

Tips to help speed up delivery

  • Look out for any year before and including 2002 but also note that those born in 2003 will be turning 18 this year.
  • Find the Date of Birth quickly:

Check the full delivery process here:

If you'd like to opt-out of delivering alcohol or other age-restricted items, follow the instructions here:

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