There are 3 places where your number of deliveries are tracked in the Stuart app.

Account details

The number of deliveries that appears underneath your name in the profile section of the app counts all accepted deliveries, including both completed and cancelled deliveries. This includes both client cancellations and self-cancellations.

Visit this section of the Help Centre for more information about cancellations.

Time connected

Here, you will find only completed deliveries. Cancellations will not appear in the time connected section of the app.

Delivery history

In your delivery history, you will also only find completed deliveries. Cancellations will not appear in the delivery history section of the app.

Access to Stuwie Perks via Collective Benefits is based on the number of completed deliveries only. Cancelled deliveries (both client cancellations and self-cancellations) are not counted. This means your deliveries count in the 'Account details' section of the app may look slightly different from the number used to calculate your access to Stuwie Perks. More information on how to access Stuwie Perks here.

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