Note: Captains spots for all cities are currently filled at this time, we will update this page when a city has an opening!

What does a Captain do?

A Captain has a great knowledge of the Stuart platform and knows what it means to be a top Stuwie. The following are not requirements but things a Captain may do:

  • As a ‘go-to’ for their local fleet, they might help answer common courier questions, let couriers know where they can find answers and direct them to Support.

  • The Stuart team is responsible for communication with couriers by app, text or email, but Captains might help boost important messages by re-posting them in Telegram groups. This might be information about rewards, new clients, Stuwie events and other important updates.

  • Share their knowledge and experience to help other couriers solve common issues that they might face while on a delivery.

A Captain is not required to fulfil any minimum number of active hours per week, and can leave the role at any time.

How do you become a Captain?

All Captains represent their own transport type, so a courier partner using a bike could become a Bike Captain. There are usually one or two Captains per transport type in each city depending on the size of the fleet in that city.

There is no minimum time you need to have been active on the platform, although more experience delivering with the Stuart platform is always a bonus.

Here are some ways you can become a Captain:

  • You can volunteer yourself by emailing subject line: [City Name] Captain. Note: Captains spots for all cities are currently filled at this time, we will update this page when a city has an opening!

  • Your fellow Stuwies or existing Captains may recommend you to us.

  • Stuart Operations might reach out to you directly if you have provided constructive feedback in the past and you have enjoyed being involved in feedback sessions.

If the maximum number of Captains for your city has been met, we will not be able to consider any new Captains until a new space becomes available.

What are the perks of being a Captain?

A Captain will receive a weekly cash reward for their contribution in the weeks they are active. If a Captain has not been active, they will not be eligible for a reward that week.

  • Being part of the Captains group will not give you any priority on deliveries.

  • Your app function will remain the same as all other courier partners, you will have no priority in the way your deliveries are sent or in the distance and price of deliveries.

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