Long pick-up (LPU) rewards are granted when the distance between your invitation acceptance location and the pick-up location is over the LPU limits on finished and cancelled deliveries.

A reward of £1.50 will be shown on your payment statement under the LPU column in the summary and delivery breakdown but will not be displayed in-app.

LPU rewards count towards MG top-up

[Note: As of 19th July LPU rewards are NOT eligible for multiplier]

These limits* are:


Bikes: 1.5 miles and over

Mopeds: 2 miles and over

Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool

Bikes: 2 miles and over

Mopeds: 2.5 miles and over

*Please be aware that LPU limits are not the same as the maximum PU distances

LPU rewards are generated automatically based on the distance from your invitation acceptance location to pick-up and you do not need to request this fee. If you believe that you have not received an eligible LPU reward please respond directly to your payment statement or email payments.uk@stuart.com

These rewards are separate from the fee you receive from pick-up to drop-off.

If you require a fee adjustment for this please review How to request a delivery fee adjustment?

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