This article is about the option to Accept extra packages.

What are extra packages?

Opting in to extra packages allows for more packages to be automatically added to your itinerary. You can earn more money 💰, it's environmentally friendly 🌱, and it's more cost-effective for clients 🛍.

The packages will always be from the same client and pick-up location. You will always be paid for the extra drop-offs (see this article for more information about multi-drop deliveries).

Once selected, you will receive a notification at the top of your screen if another package is added to your itinerary before you reach the pick-up point. Once you have all packages at pick-up, tick the bubble for each package task and then select 'tasks completed' before continuing to the first drop-off.

Opt-in to receive extra packages

You can opt-in to receive extra packages from your profile screen. Simply tap your profile icon, and then on the toggle button next to Accept extra packages. You can opt-out again by de-selecting the toggle.

Note: both auto-accept toggles are turned off by default when you go offline.

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