We are excited to announce our new Service Desk portal where you will be able to request a range of account changes and updates. 🎉

This service is available for bank account changes, insurance updates, transport type changes and city change requests.

➡️ If you need to update your insurance, see this link!👀

ℹ️ You will need an account to access the Service Desk. Click below to set yours up:

Sign-up instructions

1. Click the Sign up option as shown below.

2. Enter the email address associated with your Stuart account.

3. Confirm your email address from the email you received.

4. Follow the Sign up link. Enter your full name and password

Logged out? Here's how to reset your password?

Click on the ‘forgot password’ when attempting to login in and you should receive this message redirecting you to your email inbox:

The forgot password email should be in either your inbox or spam folder - remember to check both!

Once you click on ‘reset my password’ it will redirect you to Jira to create a new password!

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