You will now be able to see the active multiplier in your zone right from the app.

The active multiplier for the zone you are in (and when it will expire) will appear in the bottom left of your in-app map.

This feature is currently available in Plymouth, Bournemouth, Basildon, Cambridge, Darlington, Huddersfield, Oxford, Reading, South Shields, Southampton and Warrington. It will also be available in Newcastle from 1 June 2021.

These improvements are designed to give you better visibility of active multipliers and their expiration, helping you to understand what multiplier is active in your zone. Let’s take a look!

📱 Improved invitation screen

The active multiplier in the pool you are in and when it will expire will appear in the bottom-left part of your in-app map.

If the multiplier is in grey, it means that the active multiplier will end in less than 30 minutes. This does not necessarily mean that after the time expires there will not be any multiplier, but that the multiplier rate might be different.

ℹ️ Note: Invitations that you will receive might have a different multiplier as they might come from other zones with different multipliers.

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