This article answers common questions about payments. If these do not answer your query, reply directly to your Payment Statement and we will get back to you.

💰 Payment & statement queries

🚩 Incorrect or missing payment queries

🧾 Understanding/accessing your statement

🕓 Slot queries

🎒 Equipment queries

💰 Payment & statement queries

When am I paid?

We operate on a Monday to Sunday working week. We pay you for the week on the following Tuesday.

Payments can take until midnight to transfer into your account. Please allow up to 24 hours for this to show in your account before contacting us.

Where is my Payment Statement?

If you can’t find the email linking to your Payment Statement in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folders. The sender will be

For Gmail users, the email might go into the "Promotions" folder, so make sure you check there as well. If you can’t find your Payment Statement by Wednesday morning, please contact us for a new link.

🚩 Incorrect payment queries

I am missing a payment, what should I do?

If you have not received payment by Wednesday, raise a missing payment request via the Service Desk.

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Why am I missing a delivery fee or adjustment?

If a fee or adjustment is missing from your Payment Statement, reply to your Payment Statement email with the relevant delivery ID.

You can find the delivery ID in your app delivery history. This is a 9-digit number (e.g. 143936933). If you can't find a delivery ID, please provide further details about the delivery (e.g. date and time).

Why am I missing rewards?

See your reward earnings under the Delivery Reward section of your Payment Statement. To be eligible for a reward, your deliveries must meet all the criteria shown in the reward message. This usually includes an active time, zone, client, and Transport Type.

If you are missing a reward you were eligible for, reply to your Payment Statement email with a screenshot of the relevant reward message.

Why am I missing multipliers?

If you have received incorrect multiplier values, send a screenshot of the relevant deliveries to

Why is my app total different from the amount on my Payment Statement?

If your total earnings are different in the app and Payment Statement, send a screenshot of your delivery history to We will look into it.

🧾 Understanding/accessing your statement

How much am I paid?

Here are the different payment structures in the UK:

Help me understand my Payment Statement?

The article explains your Payment Statement in detail: Payment Statements

How do I access my Payment Statement?

We will email you a link to your Payment Statement on Tuesday after 3pm. You should receive this by midnight at the latest.

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How can I access annual/old Payment Statements?

We offer Stuwies an Annual Payment Statement for the previous tax year (April - April) in PDF format.

To request historic or Annual Payment Statements, please email us at

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🕓 Slot queries

Can you validate my slot?

To dispute an invalidated slot, fill out the slot validation request form within 24 hours of receiving an invalidation SMS.

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What is an unauthorised request?

If you self-cancel a delivery or ask Support to cancel a valid delivery, we will invalidate your slot. You will see the reason for invalidation as “Unauthorised request”.

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🎒 Equipment queries

Why have you deducted an equipment payment?

When you joined Stuart, you purchased equipment to be paid from your weekly payments in small increments. The weekly charge will never be higher than £35 or 50% of your earnings.

Please refer to the Equipment section of your Payment Statement to see:

  • how much we have deducted this week,

  • how much of your deposit you have paid already,

  • how much you have left to pay.

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I thought my equipment was free?

There is no upfront cost for equipment. If you chose equipment during onboarding, you agreed to have items deducted from your weekly payments in small increments. The weekly charge will never be higher than £35 or 50% of your earnings.

Any deductions are clearly stated in your payment statement and will show how much you have left to pay. If you return equipment in a good condition, we will return the amount to your account.

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My equipment never arrived?

If your equipment has not arrived, please email the Equipment team at so we can investigate further.

I never purchased equipment?

If you believe you are being charged for equipment you did not buy, please get in contact at

Our equipment is not free. If you ordered equipment but have not settled the deposit balance, we will deduct this over time.

Where is my equipment deposit refund?

If we told you that you would receive a refund for your equipment deposit, check the Equipment section of your Payment Statement. The equipment refund will be shown as a positive value by “Deducted This Week”.

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