Stuart regularly undertakes right-to-work checks on all independent Couriers, so if your BRP has recently expired, you will be contacted to provide an up-to-date copy of your right to work.

Pending application with the Home Office

If you have applied for renewal with the Home office, please provide us with one of the following documents as proof of your application for renewal:

  • Application confirmation letter from the UK Visas and Immigration Office (UKVI)

  • A letter from your Solicitor

It's important that the Home Office reference number or case ID number is visible on the document as we'll be using this to verify your application for renewal with the Home Office. Please forward a copy of either of the above documents to


I have received my new BRP card - what should I do now?

Once you have received a response from the Home Office and have received your new BRP card, you can provide us proof of your right to work status by:

  • Using the Government Right to Work portal here

  • Following the steps in this article to help you

We will then receive information on your new right-to-work status, and we'll update your information to reflect your new status accordingly.

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