Here are some general best practice tips you may want to consider.

✏️ Delivery notes

Always check for any notes from the customer so that you can provide them with the best service. The notes sometimes contain useful information, such as a safe place to leave the package.

πŸ“ž Phone

  • Ensure that your mobile number is the same one that you have registered with Stuart. If you need to update it, contact us at with the subject line "Change Phone Number".

  • Be available on the phone in case the customer needs to get in contact with you about the delivery.

  • Having a portable charger with you during deliveries is a great way to ensure your mobile is fully charged at all times.

🚚 Transport type

Ensure that the transport details we have are up-to-date. If you want to change your transport type, read more about this here.

🀝 Customer/client relations

Being polite and ensuring good communication (e.g. if you have been delayed by traffic) helps ensure a great experience for everyone. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, you can contact the Support team to assist you further.

If you experience an issue with staff at a pick-up location or an end-customer at a drop-off location, please report this here. We want you to have a great experience delivering with us, and we take all reports seriously.

🍟 Picking up

At pick-up, make the client aware that you are a Stuart courier collecting an order.

Please remember not to leave the pick-up location while you are waiting for the order to be prepared. Don’t hesitate to ask once more if the package will be ready soon; sometimes an extra minute is all that’s needed!

If you have waited for over 5 minutes and the order is not ready, you have the option to self-cancel. More information on this here.

Please note that self-cancelling a delivery while you are on-slot is possible, but will invalidate that slot (MG and CPS).

⏰ Experiencing delays

To provide the best service, contact Support when you are experiencing severe delays (i.e. delays over 15 minutes) such as traffic, so that we know when to expect your arrival. Good communication is key!

Note: If you receive a message regarding delays, please remember that each flagged delivery is manually reviewed by our Quality Team. Only frequent and consistent breaches of our terms will result in further action. More on this here.

πŸŽ’ Equipment

Having the correct branded equipment means that the client can provide you with the order sooner as they can recognise you as a Stuart courier. It also means that the package can be delivered in the most optimal condition ensuring customer satisfaction!

You can also use your own equipment as long as it meets certain requirements.

πŸ“¦ Damaged parcel

If your package has been damaged in transit, inform Support immediately with a clear photo of the item. They will be able to advise you further and can arrange a return to the pick-up location if necessary.

🏑 Dropping off

All deliveries are currently contact-free to protect you, store staff and end-customers. Make sure you check any customer notes before heading to the drop-off address.

You can check this article to find out what to do if you have issues at pick-up, such as being unable to find the customer or if the customer refuses the package.

If you can’t find the customer, you should attempt to call the customer 3 times via the app and wait at least 5 minutes before contacting Support via the chatbot. Please note, Support isn't able to help you until these steps are completed.

Please do not attempt to return the item without contacting Support first.


Cancellations can delay an order so please avoid where possible. You can learn more about self-cancellations here.

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