Why do I receive these messages?

We send you these messages to remind you of best practices and partnership terms.

When are messages sent?

  • 💬 SMS reminders: We send out text messages on a daily basis. You will receive this if there have been delays with any of your deliveries from the previous day.

  • ✉️ Email reminders: Emails go out on a weekly basis. You may receive occasional emails about the quality of your service.

What do reminder messages mean and how can I avoid these?

For top tips on improving your deliveries, refer to this page for best practices!

I feel like the reminders aren’t taking into account external factors beyond my control

If you encounter anything that may possibly affect your delivery (e.g. traffic) then you should contact Support as soon as possible. Please note that our reminder messages are sent automatically. We do our best to avoid sending out reminders that may not be accurate.

Any inaccurate messages will not count towards your quality or performance history. Each flagged delivery is manually reviewed by our internal quality team before any further decision is made.

Am I at risk of having my account terminated?

Regularly receiving reminder messages may mean that your Partnership is reviewed manually, however this does not necessarily mean that your account will be terminated. Any terminations will only be actioned upon a manual investigation to ensure accuracy. If you feel that this is inaccurate then you have a right to appeal by responding to the original email.

Please note: Your CPS score is independent of this process and therefore a good CPS score does not guarantee that your account will not be terminated.

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