We have introduced a Proof of Delivery (POD) feature in your Stuart app.

How does it work?

When you have accepted an order and have given the package to the customer, you will see an authorisation request pop up in-app to ask to access your camera in order to take photographic proof.

You must authorise camera access in order to complete the POD task and delivery otherwise you will not be able to proceed with completing your tasks. If you have any issues please contact support.

How do I take the POD?

You must take a photo of the package with the customer’s door number visible and slightly open. No faces should be visible.

You will be given the opportunity to retake the photo until it matches the requirements

What if my camera doesn’t work?

Please contact Support if you have trouble taking the photo.

Why is POD required?

It is important for Stuart to have confirmation that a valuable package has been handed over to the right customer at the right drop-off location. Photographic evidence is the best way to protect Stuart couriers and let clients know their package has been safely delivered.

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