ℹ️ For non-Just Eat deliveries, see this article.

If a Just Eat delivery can’t be completed, you can no longer return the package to the pick-up location. Instead, you should leave the package in a safe space at the drop-off location, meaning you can move on to new deliveries quicker 🚀

There are important steps you'll still need to follow before moving on to a new delivery:

  • Check the comments section in your app for any additional information.

  • Attempt to call the customer at least 3 times via the app (remember you can also send an SMS in-app after the first call).

  • If the customer is reachable, ask them to confirm their address. If it is different from the order details, contact Support for further instructions.

  • Support will instruct you on what to do with the package, to ensure the package is left in a safe place e.g. next to the door for the customer to find.

What is considered a “safe space” at the drop-off location?

A safe space nearby the drop-off location should be sheltered from bad weather conditions and easy for the customer to spot. It would be ideal to leave the package as close to the customer’s door as possible. Safe spaces can include but are not limited to:

  • Outside house door/ flat building

  • With a neighbour

  • Inside the building reception

  • On the front/back porch/window sill

  • Near shed/garage

  • Post Box

  • Foyer

  • Next to the lift

Important to note:

  • Any Just Eat orders containing Challenge 25 items will still need to be returned to pick-up. They will be held in a separate bag to make the return easier. Read here for more information.

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