Why does Stuart terminate or end partnerships?

Couriers are investigated if they have been flagged on our systems. However, partnerships are only terminated when we have solid evidence of fraudulent behaviour. Please see below for why your partnership may be terminated.

We always have evidence to support our termination decisions, and will never end a partnership without evidence.

What are the reasons why my account could be terminated?



Multi-Apping (Excessive Delays)

You take unnecessary detours rather than going straight to the pick-up (PU) and then the drop-off (DO).

Delays + GPS Blocking

You use flight mode and GPS blocking / manipulating apps to hide detouring for the purpose of multi-apping

GPS Spoofing

You use flight mode and GPS blocking / manipulating apps to hide detouring for the purpose of multi-apping.

Return process not followed

You return items before having contacted customer support which is against the platform's process.

Missing Orders

Customers have complained that items you accepted have not been delivered or clients have complained that items you collected have not been returned.

Disrespectful to client

You have used inappropriate language or gestures towards a client or customer.

Disrespectful to support

You have used inappropriate or offensive language towards support

Wrong Transport type

Using a transport other than the one registered on your courier account.

Account Renting

You share a Stuart account with an unconfirmed individual or rent your Stuart account out for profit.

Slot Abuse

You actively find ways on slot to reject, cancel or deceive the device into timing out so that they complete as minimal amount of deliveries as possible while still being paid.

Duplicate Account

You have multiple (more than one) approved account on the Stuart platform.

Cancellation Abuse

You abuse the unsafe area and other cancellation options while on slot.

Challenge 25

Delivering alcoholic items without ID confirmation for persons who appear under the age of 25.

Stuart respects religious diversity and will never terminate you if you choose not to deliver alcohol for religious reasons.

Return order abuse

You have requested a return by falsely claiming the customer was absent or in cases where no attempted contact was made.

Order not collected - False delivery

You claim to have collected the order and proceed to mark the items as delivered while having left the items back at the pick up.

Impossible delivery time/Small orders

You have ordered low value items which allows the delivery payment to exceed the delivery cost.

Can I dispute my termination?

We always manually review each account before any partnership termination takes place and it is not a decision we take lightly. We also do not terminate accounts based on issues outside of your control or without previous warning.

How do I dispute my termination?

If you believe that you have been unfairly terminated, please respond directly to the termination email you have received with evidence that could overturn the decision.

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