Earn more & save 75% on fuel.

Rent the Super Soco CPX electric moped with GreenMo for £65/week inclusive of servicing and insurance.

Unlock higher base pay, larger packages and “Green rental rewards” per drop up to £500*

Click to see the E-moped XL in action ⚡️

How to Sign up

  • Register with Green Mo

  • Organise with Green Mo to collect the vehicle

  • Request a Transport Type change with Stuart. Change: E-XL Motorbike (GreenMo)

You must complete a TT change to claim Green rewards

The Super Soco-CPX

  • Stuart branded Super Soco CPx

  • Top speed 56mph

  • 80 mile range

  • Batteries charge through standard 3-pin UK plug in 3.5 hours

Pay structure

  • £4 base and £1.15 per mile

  • Earn 30% more than a moped for a 2 mile delivery

  • Per drop 'Green rental rewards' up to £500*

Worked example for 2 mile delivery

  • Moped: £5.25

  • Moped XL: £4.00 base (£1.15 x 2) & £1 per drop reward = £7.30

*Green transition rewards are £1 per drop, up to a maximum of £500 in total. The transition reward is Paid to couriers renting an E-moped XL via Green Mo. Deliveries up 31/12/22 are eligible for green transition rewards. Rewards are added separately after multiplier rewards and will be shown on your Payment Statement. Cancelled deliveries are not eligible for rewards.

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