Your Courier Performance Score (CPS) reflects your contribution to the Stuart community. If you are in the top CPS percentile of the fleet, you will have priority access to book slots in certain zones.

This score is calculated based on your last 3 active weeks. A non-active week means your score will remain unchanged. You will be sent your CPS score every Wednesday by email.

Note: If you have worked for less than 10 hours per week on-slot, you will not be eligible for priority slots.

What do your scores mean?

Your overall score is a weighted average of 9 sub-scores over a 3-week period. The maximum score is 5. The sub-scores that are used in your calculation are determined by whether you have worked on-slot* or off-slot**.

*On-slot = Completing 1 or more slots (pre-defined hourly window)

** Off-slot = Working on-demand, any time

On-slot sub-scores

🗺 Area ratio - The time spent outside of your zone NOT on a delivery deducted from the time spent inside the zone (100).

✅ Acceptance ratio- The delivery invite requests accepted.You are able to miss one delivery invite per slot. Missing more than one invite will invalidate your slot

📲 Online ratio - The total hours online / total booked hours for the week.

⛔️ No-show ratio- The number of slots which were marked as no-show slots.

🛎 Check-in ratio - The total number of slots that you were online for in the booked area within the first 15 minutes (i.e. 'checked-in').

📵 Refused deliveries ratio - The delivery invite requests refused

On and Off-slot sub-scores

📦 The total number of deliveries- This includes return deliveries.

⚡️ Deliveries per hour

⭐️ Service quality - The ratings and any complaints received from clients.

Why has my score decreased?

Your score will decrease if there has been poorer performance for any one of the sub-scores. To see what may have contributed to the decrease, please refer to the breakdown in your CPS email. A comparison with your previous score might help indicate the area to focus on.

How can I increase my score?

We recommend that you:

  • Make sure you have a GPS connection throughout all of your active hours

  • Stay online for at least 90% of your active hours

If you are working on-slot:

  • Turn up to your zone 15 mins before your slot starts

  • Head back to your zone as soon as a delivery is completed

  • Activate auto-accept to ensure no deliveries are missed

  • If you are unable to attend your slot, cancel at least 24 hours before the start of your slot or try to find a replacement.

You can also refer to your Captain for tips to help you become a top Stuwie.

If you have any issues whilst online, always contact Support so that any external factors affecting your score can be considered.

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