What's changing?

We are introducing a Service Desk portal where you will be able to request a range of account changes and updates.

You can now use the Service Desk to request to update your insurance!

How do I access the Service Desk?

Before you are able to make changes to your account you will require access to the Service Desk portal.

Click below to learn more:

How do I make a request?

  1. Firstly you will need to use the link to access our Service Desk

  2. On the Service Desk, you will see the option for the Update Insurance

We will then ask you for a copy of the following details:

  1. Valid insurance certificate

  2. The dates of your policy - should have more than 7 days left on your policy

For further information on updating your insurance, please see this article. 👀

Submit your request and wait for our Support team to respond back to you.

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