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A guide of the step by step process of signing up to the Vok E-cargo bike rental

What is Vok? 🔋

  • Electric cargo bike with assisted pedalling.

  • Top speed of 25km/h and up to 100km range

  • XL storage for stacking and larger orders

  • Efficient and reliable

Bike: 1.5 mile delivery = £4.75

Vok: 1.5 mile delivery = £6.20

Accounting for the £1 hourly rental fee you will earn £0.45 extra for the delivery.

For more information on Vok payment and how slots work follow the link below...

How to sign up and book the Vok 🎊

  1. Register with Vok as a new user through the Cachet Platform.

  2. Select your 3-hour slots you want the Vok E-cargo bike for through the Vok-Cachet platform.

  3. Enter your details. We require an alternative email address to the one you already use with Stuart to create a Dual Account.

  4. Pay for the slot using your credit card. Early adopter rental rate of £1 per hour (£3 per booking)*

You will be invited to set up your new account on WIW, if you choose to work on slot with Stuart be sure to accept.

*Introductory offer.

The Dual account 🚩

  • When renting the Vok you need to log into a second account in the Stuart app. This will be set up using the alternative email address you provide upon booking the vehicle.

  • You must use this second account when renting the Vok. It will make sure you are paid correctly - taking full advantage of the special Vok rewards, and avoid Transport Type Fraud.

  • Important - Once you have a confirmation that your dual account has been created with the alternative email - press ‘forgot password’ so that you can create a new password for this alternative email address log in

The Hub 📍

The place to pick up and drop off your Vok!

  • Croydon Hub: QPark Ground Floor, Charles Street, CR1 1TR (Enter up the ramp on the right-hand side)

  • Email contact: croydon@vokbikes.com
    Phone contact: +447983288626

FAQ’s 👀

  • What is stacking?

Stacking allows you to automatically add extra packages to your itinerary. Meaning you can make the most of the XL capacity of the Vok.

  • What is the benefit of stacking?

You can earn more money by completing more deliveries in single journeys whilst also being environmentally friendly.

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