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What is Vok?

  • An affordable, flexible and low commitment Electric cargo bike rental.

  • Maximise your earnings through higher base rates and XL storage capacity for bigger orders.

  • Use the Vok cargo bike alongside your current transport type

Click the image to see the Vok in action!

Sign up and book the Vok

  1. Register with Vok through the Cachet Platform.

  2. Select when you want to rent the Vok E-cargo bike

  3. Enter your details. We require an alternative email address to the one you already use with Stuart to create a Dual Account.

  4. It will take Stuart 24 hours to make this account so you cannot book till you have this account confirmed.

  5. Pay for the slot using your credit card. Early adopter rental rate of £1 per hour (£3 per booking)*

You will be invited to set up your new account on WIW, if you choose to work on slot with Stuart be sure to accept.

*Introductory offer.

Need help signing up? Watch the video below...

Dual account

  • When renting the Vok you need to log into a second account in the Stuart app. This will be set up using the alternative email address you provide upon booking the vehicle.

  • You must use this second account when renting the Vok. It will make sure you are paid correctly - taking full advantage of the special Vok rewards, and avoid Transport Type Fraud.

  • Important - Once you have a confirmation that your dual account has been created with the alternative email - press ‘forgot password’ so that you can create a new password for this alternative email address log in

Payment structure

  • £4.20 base + £1.35 per mile per delivery for off slot couriers

  • £10.10 Minimum Guarantee for couriers who book slots

Comparative example:

Bike: 1.5 mile delivery = £4.75

Vok: 1.5 mile delivery = £6.20

Accounting for the £1 hourly rental fee you will earn £0.45 extra for the delivery

The Hub - Shoreditch

The place to pick up and drop off your Vok!


  • When you sign up to rent the Vok you will be invited to WIW through your new Stuart account that you use when on the Vok.

  • You can book slots as usual through WIW (When I Work)* using your Vok (alternative) email address

Conversations with clients

  • When you are on the Vok, if a client is interested in the vehicle please fill out this short form with the person you are having a conversation with.

  • Client interest form

  • This makes sure the correct information can be passed on to the right contacts and in the best way possible!

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