How do I get access?

You will have access to the platform if you:

  • have completed at least 100 deliveries (completed or cancelled with a cancellation fee)

  • are delivering in the UK

  • have delivered at least once in the last 45 days

As you complete more deliveries, you'll also unlock new perks. As soon as you hit 100 deliveries, Collective Benefits will be in touch to invite you to register.

  • 100 deliveries = Bronze tier

  • 700 deliveries = Silver tier

  • 1800 deliveries = Gold tier

Access is based on the number of completed deliveries only. Cancelled deliveries (both client cancellations and self-cancellations) are not counted. This means your deliveries count in the 'Account details' section of the app may look slightly different from the number used to calculate your access to Stuwie Perks. More information on number of deliveries can be found here.

Access perks right from the app

If you've unlocked Stuwie Perks, you can access them right from the app. Head to the Profile section of the app and tap the link to access your Stuwie Perks.

Where can I find out more?

If you have any questions at all about these perks, or you are having trouble accessing your account, email

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