This article concerns the different types of cancellations and their associated fees;

Please read this article for more information on self-cancellations.

What if my client has cancelled my delivery?

  • If the delivery is cancelled within 2 minutes of you accepting, then there is no payment.

  • If your client has cancelled more than 2 minutes after you’ve accepted the delivery, you will be paid the cancellation fee.

  • If the delivery cancelled was a long pick-up and you have reached pick-up, you will also be entitled to the long PU rewards if applicable.

Cancellation fee as per your transport type:

  • Bike - £4

  • Moped - £4.50

  • Car - £4.5 outside London / £6 in London

Cancellation fees are not eligible for multipliers/rewards.

If the client would like to cancel a delivery after you have picked it up, they will need to contact us. In this situation, you are paid the full price of the delivery, but will likely be asked to return the package back to the pick-up location. More on returns here.

What if I need to cancel my delivery?

Please remember that when you accept a delivery on the app, you are answering a client's urgent need. You have committed to providing your service for this delivery.

On slot, cancelling a delivery you accepted is only possible when:

  • The weight of the package exceeds the limit for your transport type (see limits here)

  • The pick-up distance is above the limits for your transport type (see limits here)

  • The package is too large to fit your transport type and be delivered safely

  • You have had an accident

  • Your vehicle has broken down and you are unable to complete the delivery successfully

When this happens:

  • Contact support

  • Explain in your first sentence the reason for the cancellation request

  • Send proof of the issue - photos

If the reason is not valid you will be ineligible for Minimum Guarantee for this slot and you will receive "unauthorised courier request" invalidation message the next day.

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