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What are multiplier rewards?

The multiplier is a reward system designed to reward you for deliveries made at different times of the day. It multiplies your delivery fees by a certain value that we communicate to you in advance.

Example: You receive a delivery invitation in Liverpool with a delivery fee of £4.50. There is a multiplier of x1.5, so the delivery fee is increased to £6.75.

If you have an applicable long pick-up (LPU) reward, this will also have a multiplier applied.

Multiplier values are set across each city depending on demand. There can be multipliers on any day of the week.

What else should I know?

  • There's no threshold or cap. Multiplier rewards apply from the first to last delivery completed while a multiplier is active.

  • The multiplier applied is the active value when you accept the delivery invitation.

  • Multiplier rewards are separate to Minimum Guarantee (MG). MG is calculated separately, so you don't lose any MG by earning through the multiplier.

How can I check multiplier rewards?

1️⃣ See current multipliers on the map

  1. Go online.

  2. On the main screen, there is a new icon on the bottom right of the map.

  3. Press to choose a Map type.

  4. Select Multipliers.

  5. You will see the multiplier values for each zone the map.

Tap on a multiplier value to see how long will it last.

2️⃣ See the web app multiplier from the app

You can also access the multiplier web map from the courier app. The web map shows future multiplier values at different times and locations.

To open the map:

  1. Head to your profile screen

  2. Tap Multiplier.

Multiplier FAQs

Will I receive a multiplier reward on all deliveries?

You will receive a multiplier reward if you complete a delivery while a multiplier is active. Cancelled deliveries will not have a multiplier added on top.

If the multiplier is different where I pick up and drop off the delivery, which multiplier will I receive?

You will receive the multiplier value which is active at the pick-up address.

Where do I find these rewards on my payment statement?

See this article: Understanding your payment statement

What about other types of rewards, such as per drop and per slot rewards?

These types of rewards are kept separate from multiplier rewards and are applied separately.

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