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Return deliveries

If you have to return a package, the initial delivery is cancelled and Support issues a return delivery.

  • We pay the per drop delivery fee for both deliveries (your journey to drop-off and your journey back to pick-up).

  • Only the return delivery is eligible for multiplier rewards.

ℹ️ See payment structures for London and all other cities.


Cancellation fees may only be applicable for these reasons if validated by support. These are not eligible for multiplier and/or rewards.

  • If the delivery is cancelled within 2 minutes of you accepting, then there is no payment.

  • If your client has cancelled more than 2 minutes after you’ve accepted the delivery, we will pay a cancellation fee (below).

  • If the delivery cancelled was a long pick-up and you have reached pick-up, we will also pay a long pick-up reward.



Motorbike or car


Multi-drop deliveries

Multi-drop deliveries are multiple packages from the same client with more than one drop-off address.

If a delivery is a multi-drop, you will receive £1.00 for each extra delivery on top of your initial payment. We pay rewards on top of the full delivery fee for multi-drop deliveries.

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