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Return deliveries

If you cannot successfully deliver the package at drop-off (either from an absent customer situation or incorrect address), you may have a return delivery back to pick-up. You should contact Support first - they will cancel your current delivery and send you a return delivery invitation.

What will this look like in the app?

You will see a delivery for each part of your journey: (1) the delivery from pick-up to drop-off and (2) the return delivery from drop-off back to pick-up. Your first part of the journey will show as a cancelled delivery (it will have an 'X' next to the timestamp of that delivery on your delivery history page).

What am I paid for return deliveries?

You are paid the pay-per-drop rate for distance and transport type for both parts of your journey. If a multiplier is effective for the time of your delivery, you will receive this only on your non-cancelled delivery.

Please refer here and navigate to your city page to understand the payment structure for your city.

What if I have a multi-drop delivery and have a return situation?

If you have already picked up multiple packages to deliver and are unable to successfully deliver one of them - first reach out to Support via the app.

If you have multiple packages left, Support will arrange a return for you at the end of your journey once your final package is delivered. If this is your final package, support will arrange a return for you at that time. Support will ensure you receive payment for the return journey.

Multi-drop deliveries

📣 From the 6th December, our client Co-op will be using Proof of Delivery (POD) for multi-drop deliveries.

By picking up multi-drop deliveries, you can earn more per delivery, reduce your environmental impact and be more efficient.

Co-op deliveries will now require a Proof of Delivery (POD) when delivering each drop. Here is what you need to remember when delivering multiple packages:

  • Double-check with the client that you have all packages.

  • Check that each order is clearly labelled so you do not risk mixing them up.

  • Make sure you know which package goes to which address.

  • Remember to follow the POD process for each delivery.

  • If a customer is absent, read below.

What if a customer is absent during a multi-drop delivery?

Example: You pick up 2 packages from a pick-up. You head to the first drop-off location and you are unable to find the customer.

Follow these steps:

  1. Call the customer 3 times via the app and wait 5 minutes.

  2. If they are not reachable, contact Support via the Chatbot and select "I have a multi-drop package to return".

  3. The Chatbot will ask you to confirm you have tried to reach the customer, then an agent will take you through the next steps.

  4. The app will request a proof of delivery photo. Take a picture of the customer’s front door to move on to your remaining deliveries.

At the end of your deliveries, you will need to return the undelivered package back to the client you received it from. Keep the delivery open in-app (do not mark it as complete).

An agent will guide you through this process and you will be paid for the distance you have travelled back to pick-up.

Payment example

Example: You are a moped courier and complete a 2.5-mile delivery with 3 drops.

  • You earn £5.25 for the distance and your transport type.

  • For each additional drop after the first, you earn £1.00 per drop = £7.25 total pay.

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