For information about the Apple/Nespresso delivery process, see this article:

Why do I not receive Apple or Nespresso delivery invitations?

There are very limited deliveries from some clients, so you may not receive these invites if there is no demand in your area.

Additionally, some clients require couriers to follow specific processes to provide a good experience for both you and the end customer. If you do not follow their process then you will receive a quality flag and reminder message. If you repeatedly do not follow these processes then a particular client may stop offering you delivery invitations, due to the high-value nature of their packages.

How can I access Apple and Nespresso slots?

Client-specific slots are limited due to client demand. This means these slots are only available in certain areas and Transport Types, according to client needs.

If you are interested in doing client-specific slots please fill in this form and we will contact you if we launch slots in your preferred area.

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