What are multi-drop deliveries?

It's simple, it's when you receive extra packages in one delivery or allow more packages to be automatically added to your itinerary.


  • You can make more deliveries more quickly.

  • Mileage is reduced as you don’t need to return to Pick-up between deliveries.

  • You could earn more money.

  • Less waiting time for another invite.

  • It's environmentally friendly.

How does it work?

There are two types of multi-drop deliveries you may receive:

  • 1st type: You’ll receive a multi-drop package invite (including information for both packages).

  • 2nd type: You’ll receive a notification at the top of your screen if another package is added to your itinerary whilst you are at Pick-up.

  • Next, once you have all packages at pick-up, tick the bubble for each package task.

  • Finally, select 'tasks completed' before continuing to the first Drop-off.

How to accept more packages:

Simply tap your profile icon, and then on the toggle button next to ‘Allow Extra Packages’:

  • Once you register to receive extra packages, you will be able to deliver multiple packages in one delivery and earn more per mile.

  • The app will navigate the best route to each delivery location, allowing you to deliver more packages quicker!

  • The packages will always be from the same client and pick-up location.

  • You will always be paid for the extra drop-offs! Perfect.

How does the payment structure work for multi-drops?

Delivering multiple packages at once means higher earning potential per minute in both peak and off-peak times.

What are the benefits?

  • There's a chance for £1 for each extra delivery after the first delivery, on top of your initial payment (base + mileage)!

  • A fee for additional travel distance to each drop-off.

  • We offer waiting time pay - if you wait more than 15 minutes. More information here.

  • Last but not least, there are rewards available on top of the total delivery fee!

Earnings Breakdown Example for a Multi-drop delivery:

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